Dear audience. Welcome to the TARGET project. This is an art project reflecting and reacting to what is happening today. TARGET is realised through dance and visual arts and will be exhibited through social media platforms during spring 2020. 

The stage for TARGET is in the digital theatre of social media platforms that will serve as our playground for art content and creations happening right here right now. We want to explore the ways of presenting art without walls. Follow our accounts and us on this journey! During this spring we will fill our channels with videos, photographs, visual questions, artistic comments, dance, movement, colours and shapes.

People behind TARGET are dance artists Elina Häyrynen and Natasha Lommi, visual artist Noora Geagea, sound designer Janne Hast and stylist Kaisu Hölttä.

TARGET is instant and you can be part of it. TARGET is in motion and moves towards. TARGET invites you to like and dislike, to feel and get affected by it.

TARGET channels are now open and will be filled with content from now on.